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What is FOHCOL

 The Federation of Housing Collectives (FOHCOL) is the peak body for housing co-operatives in Western Australia. It is a not-for-profit organisation. The role of the Federation is to:

  • Provide administrative services, support, assistance and advice to member housing co-operatives, in accordance with the Principles of Cooperation.
  • Inform, educate and advise interested individuals, community groups and organisations in all aspects of housing co-operatives.
  • Promote the concept of housing co-operatives and tenant participation in housing management.
  • Consult and liaise with relevant organisations and institutions in the establishment and development of housing co-operatives.
  • Facilitate co-operation and consensus between member housing co-operatives, relevant organisations and institutions in the spirit of the Principles of Co-operation.
  • Represent the members in dealings with the public and on relevant Government and non-Government committees.

FOHCOL also provides limited services such as advocacy, support, information, and education to people and groups wanting to establish, maintain and expand housing co-operatives.


Housing Provider Registration

FOHCOL supports Co-operation Housing as they prepare to register with the Western Australian Department of Housing as a community housing provider for housing co-operatives (existing and still-to-come). In 2007 the Department of Housing introduced a new regulatory framework for community housing providers in Western Australia. Its aims are to ensure the effective governance and administration of community housing. Since late 2007, the housing co-operative sector in Western Australia has been undertaking a process to understand and determine how housing co-operatives will approach the new WA regulatory scheme for community housing. We seek to harness the opportunities for growth and partnerships that the scheme provides. By engaging with this process, the housing co-operative sector acknowledges the Department of Housing’s aim to consolidate the community housing sector by forming partnerships between the individual housing co-operatives. The sector also recognises that this strategy is central to the development of the housing co-operative sector in Western Australia.