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FOHCOL was established in 1987 and has continued operations successfully from that date. FOHCOL has been fully self-funded by membership fees from June 1999. FOHCOL membership fees were set at 4% of member housing co-operative rental income. The fee structure reflects the Principles of Cooperation, and particularly supports these principles.

List of FOHCOL achievements & benefits to its members -

  • Education, training & information
  • Co-operation among co-operatives
  • Concern for community
  • Hosting of an annual weekend conference since 1996
  • Cost Effective Support Services. Member housing cooperatives benefit from savings through cooperative insurance, accounting, auditing, conferences and other cost-effective services that were initiated and are administered by FOHCOL.
  • Establishment of the Co-op Maintenance Trust - a secure, well managed, member controlled and accountable investment vehicle for moneys set aside by housing co-operatives for their long-term maintenance needs
  • Lotterywest submissions for computers and professional development via conferences for members
  • Establishment of an accounting package used by all member housing co-operatives
  • Establishment of an insurance arrangement specifically for the housing co-operative sector
  • Auditing arrangement for the member co-operatives, significantly reducing costs
  • Maintenance of a representative voice at the state (through CHCWA) and national (through CFHA) levels and the National Community Housing Forum (NCHF)
  • Provision of ongoing support and training to the housing co-operative sector.
  • Strong core group of committed volunteers and part time staff, organisational capacity and willingness
  • Experience in community housing and managing tenancies
  • Strong connections with housing co-op organisations in other parts of Australia and the world
  • Connection with co-operative businesses (outside housing area) through common ground of Co-operative Statement of Identity
  • with local community groups as well as political support of all colours
  • Support in establishment of Co-operation Housing (Homes for Sustainable Communities)
  • Mentoring program for staff
  • This web site!