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Management Committee

FOHCOL is a not-for-profit organisation that runs on the input of its many volunteers - such as those who are members of the Management Committee, which implements policy and strategic directions (with the support of paid staff).
This is a dedicated and inspiring group of representatives from various housing co-ops around the state of Western Australia elected each year at the annual general meeting. They participate in monthly meetings, as well as the occasional exceptional happening (art exhibition, forum, symposium, celebration). FOHCOL is blessed in having had many remarkable people in all positions over the years.
 The combined effort has created a housing co-operative sector in Western Australia which is vibrant and solid.
There are always jobs to do around a small not-for-profit office. FOHCOL welcomes volunteers who would like to contribute to the administration of the FOHCOL office. Please contact FOHCOL to see how your skills can match the variety of volunteer jobs in the office.